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Game Bounder Desired Quack. Art exhibition @ York Explore Reading Cafe

Alun Kirby and Stephen Lee Hodgkins, 2020.

Cyanotype print and acrylic on calico, eight 2 x 0.6-metre panels, plus audio-visual spoken word summary piece.

As part of the Explore Labs, 'Archive Activist' project, Alun and Stephen were challenged to make ‘something creative’ drawing on material from the Explore York archive. A series of banners emerged using cyanotype print and other methods on calico.

The third in the series of banners, ‘Game Bounder Desired Quack*' presents five local historical moments, within the theme of ‘crime and punishment’ with a clumsy nod to the vast printmaking heritage of York. Four of these moments are highlighted with example fonts from a specimen book produced by York’s Delittle Wood Type Manufacturer. A fifth moment is presented using a woodcut print taken from an account of the trial and execution of James Moseley and William Roberts in 1822.

*Warning – the exhibition includes historical archive material referring to execution and punishment.

Exhibited for the Explore Your Archives, an Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland) campaign to encourage everyone, everywhere to visit, use and be inspired by archives.

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Monday 10 October - Thursday 24 November 2022

Free just pop down when York Explore Reading Cafe is open


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