Exhibition: Mary Doesn't Just Wear Blue

Eleven international artists re-imagine the Virgin Mary as a cultural icon beyond religion. What kind of woman do they show? How does Mary’s image adapt to current times?

The Virgin Mary is one of the greatest icons of Western art history. Today, her image has gone beyond religion, and Mary is found in t-shirts, comic books, and even underpants. Through the work of eleven international artists, this exhibition invites us to explore how Mary can take shape as a non-religious icon, and how her image adapts to current ideas of femininity and womanhood.

This is part of an Arts-Based PhD project and it opens a window to ongoing interdisciplinary research, and for those who are interested, it offers the opportunity to participate in it.

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twitter: @notinblue

Instagram: marynotinblue.

Friday 12 July to Thursday 29 August 2019

Free entry