1 Makerspace

Makerspace: Unleash your creativity

Makerspace is the heartbeat of Explore Labs and the home of Hack Camps, Muse Hack, 9-Bit Orchestra, Maker Mondays and much more.

Makerspace is where ideas are sparked into life, where collaboration makes inventions flourish and where all experiments are brilliant - with no right or wrong answers.

Guided by resident digi-makers - artists Paul Fothergill and Dave Young - and a carousel of visiting artists, researchers and garden shed inventors, customers of all ages have been free to tinker, experiment and collaborate - to discover, create and invent.

Makerspace is the place where you can come and get stuck into loads of interesting kit, from good old craft bits to high-tech whizzbangs such as 3D printers, arduinos, circuit boards, samplers and wearables.

Makerspace is all about staying curious, sharing ideas and making stuff.

“So far I have made a guitar that is conductive and lights up. I wish we could have a permanent club. It has been awesome! I have learnt loads of epic things, like how to use Arduinos. I like 3D printing.”

- Participant

Having access to this level of quality creativity for free is really quite remarkable.

- Parent

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