Get Creative 3

Get Creative: Celebrating creativity and well being

The Get Creative Festival is an annual celebration of creative participation of all kinds and the many health and wellbeing benefits that taking part can bring to both individuals and communities. As part of the festival, creative groups and organisations across the UK are invited to showcase their creativity and welcome new people to join them.

Nice to celebrate the local area and meet new folks… and a great way to be part of the community.

- Participant

Eleven workshops, nine libraries

11 workshops took place across nine Explore York libraries, harnessing the creative skills and talents of four local artists.

300 participants got creative in their local libraries, getting stuck in to cyanotype photography, group printing, circuit bending and collage.

Get Creative 2

There was a mixture of local people and people from York and further afield who had come especially to do the workshops. New people came in to the libraries because of the workshops.

- Gateway library manager