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Get stuck into tech tinkering, circuit bending and unmaking noisy toys...

See what happens when circuit bending , music tech, funology and noisy toys collide.

Calling all ages; children, young people, parents, musicians and artists - sprinkle a measure of arts into a dash of digital making and create unique sound boxes, noise gadgets and gizmos, beeps, bleeps and a whole lot of funology.

Join our resident digi maker & music producer Paul Fothergill, composer Jon Hughes & other techies & artists at our Hack Camps, 9-Bit youth club, and drop-in Maker Mondays at York Explore. We’ll be popping up at other libraries across York too.

Over the next few months 9-Bit will be colliding with York Dance Space to collaborate on an exciting music and movement project iMove,!

Beeps and bleeps at the ready!

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